How to Automate and Secure the Student Lifecycle


Colleges and universities increasingly rely on apps and IT systems to help students manage their college experience. But controlling access to various systems and networks as a student moves from applicant to student to alum is challenging. Manual lifecycle management requires too much manpower, which is expensive, can lead to errors and often results in frustrating user delays.

In this webinar we examine how a modern approach to identity and access management (IAM) can help colleges and universities securely manage the student lifecycle end-to-end.

We’ll discuss:

  • How a modern IAM solution enables organizations to create group rules so students can quickly access the apps they need.
  • How a single sign-on experience can improve security, scalability and reliability and prevent IT from drowning in manual account provisioning processes.
  • How built-in workflows enable IT process automation such as access requests, deprovisioning and more.