Leveraging Public and Community Identity for Stronger CX

Government agencies continue to migrate services online in an effort to improve CX, accessibility, and better serve the needs of the American people. But this expansion of digital services on legacy systems has created complications for both the government workforce and the American public. Unwieldy log-in processes affect the user experience, which in turn impedes an agency’s ability to meet its mission and erodes the public’s trust in government.

While simplifying and securing online access can feel like a daunting challenge, cloud-based systems allow for a new approach to Identity, taking advantage of scalable, future-ready tools.

And with dedicated federal funding for CX available, government leaders can invest in ensuring all external-facing identity services — whether government-to-consumer, government-to-government, or government-to-business — are secure and user-friendly to bolster trust, fight fraud, and much more.

Join GovExec and Okta for this exploration on leveraging identity for stronger CX.

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