Modernising IT in Government: Facilitating the Public Sector’s Move to the Cloud

This is a rapidly changing world and critical service organisations like Government must face the relentless challenge of keeping up with the business demand of providing access to Applications and Services for all its users when Cyber and Nature conspire to tear normal operations apart.

Knowing who a user is, what their relationship is to the organisation and what they should have access to needs to be at the core of any modern and dynamic security strategy. These principles apply even more so in Government where access must be provided to a wide range of users including employees, contractors, suppliers, other government agencies and citizens. Modern cloud-based applications are providing the government the ability to deliver better services to public servants and citizens at large.

However, the challenge facing many agencies and departments is the speed, complexity and tech-debt that legacy & on-premise systems represent in any move to the cloud during the incredible tumult of today's need especially.

Join us to hear how Robert Stephen, Program Manager - Cyber Security Modernisation, NSW Department of Communities and Justice & Leigh Doddy, Zero Trust Advocate, Okta address these challenges as well as:

  • Why identity is at the centre of a cloud first security strategy
  • Making impactful decisions with limited resources
  • How to increase security posture and improve user experience at the same time
  • Empowering a distributed workforce whilst maintaining control

Watch the Webinar

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