Move Fast, Don’t Break Things! How Okta and AWS partner to efficiently secure multi-cloud and remote work

Business digitization and remote work accelerated IT and increased security risks whether you were ready or not. Tech leaders must not only keep up with the demand, but also make the right choices to future-proof their IT, secure their server infrastructure and SaaS apps, support multiple cloud and on-prem environments, and ensure management efficacy and security.

In this webinar, we will discuss how you can use Identity as a convergence point to address these challenges without compromising security and vendor lock-in. We will also dive into how Okta partners with strategic partners like AWS to help in your journey.

Watch this session for a discussion on:

  • Why Identity is the convergence point for security today?
  • How Okta Identity helps in your digital strategy
  • How AWS and Okta work together to boost innovation and security
  • How Okta and AWS built security into servers with Advanced Server Access and the AWS QuickStart program.
  • And how this translates to you

Watch the Webinar

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