Okta + Yubico: The Path to Passwordless

The current use of username and password authentication creates heavy support load due to helpdesk calls, resulting in lost productivity and high IT costs. While two-factor and multi-factor authentication have been demonstrated to be effective in protecting users from account takeover, the lack of global web standards has hampered widespread adoption to date.

With WebAuthn, users and organizations now have more flexibility and can leverage strong authentication using a combination of an external authenticator, such as a security key, and an internal platform authenticator, such as a biometric touchpad or camera on a laptop to access their web service. 

In this webinar, the speakers will cover: 

  • Shortcomings of current authentication methods 
  • WebAuthn background and its benefits 
  • How to achieve strong, user-friendly authentication and move towards passwordless logins 

Watch the Webinar

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