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Prevention and Response Strategies for Phishing Attacks with Okta + Proofpoint

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Security leaders have their work cut out for them to protect against the rapidly evolving threat landscape and stay ahead of cyber criminals. While the rise in adoption of cloud-based applications serves as a catalyst for rethinking modern security, one consistency remains: email-based credential harvesting remains the most fruitful tactic for today’s threat actors. 

Today, more than 80% of breaches caused by compromised credentials; attackers don’t need to hack in – they can just log in. So how can organizations protect against attacks like phishing?

Join Lucia Milica, CISO at Proofpoint and Marc Rogers, Executive Director, Cybersecurity at Okta as they share:

  •  The anatomy of a phishing attack
  •  Various prevention and response strategies
  •  Best tools and integrations across authentication and email security

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