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Protect Legacy Applications without Touching Your Apps with Okta and Palo Alto Networks

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Most organizations have a dirty little secret: they are relying on user and password-based authentication to protect sensitive internal applications. With 81% of data breaches involving weak or stolen credentials*, applications that use single-factor authentication are an easy target for attack. Unfortunately, updating internal cloud applications—as well as legacy and custom applications—to support multi-factor authentication can be an IT headache for many organizations.

Okta and Palo Alto Networks have collaborated to make rolling out multi-factor authentication a snap. Join Daniel Lu, Product Marketing Manager at Okta and Kasey Cross, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Palo Alto Networks, to learn:

  • The latest trends in credential-based attacks
  • Why every sensitive cloud application needs multi-factor authentication
  • How to enforce network-level multi-factor authentication without touching your apps using Palo Alto Networks and Okta

* Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report

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