Scaling Securely with Identity at the Core

Today’s fast-growing organizations face a myriad of challenges. From a global economy that can change quickly and unpredictably to a workforce that is ever more dynamic and mobile, strategies for scaling for success look much different than they did even five years ago.

A cloud-first approach allows companies to remain nimble in the face of constant change, but that can quickly result in an IT team tied up with managing hundreds of apps instead of focusing on building the core competencies that drive the company’s success.

Growing companies who build identity into their technology strategy are able to securely and flexibly manage apps and multi-cloud environments across a single identity platform, enable employees to seamlessly work from any location and easily scale to meet the needs of the business. 

Join Ross Kivowitz, Staff IT Engineer at Namely, Josh Quick, Senior IT Manager, Allbirds and James Brodsky, Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering, Okta where we’ll discuss:

  • Technology challenges facing today’s growing companies 
  • Why identity is important, and what companies can achieve with a centralized identity platform
  • Real life examples from companies who are going through it 

Watch the Webinar

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