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Secure Identity Management for Mergers and Acquisitions - Avoid Domain Consolidation and Increase Agility

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As organizations expand through mergers and acquisitions, there is a need to embrace cloud technologies that simplify and accelerate expansion. To gain competitive advantage, newly acquired technologies and users must be integrated into the overall ecosystem quickly, efficiently and securely - with minimal disruption to your users.

Join guest speaker Merritt Maxim, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Teju Shyamsundar, Technical Solutions Manager at Okta to discuss identity and security complexities that arise from M&A and how to alleviate these challenges with a cloud IAM solution. Learn how to maintain directory security and reduce IT and compliance costs, while also giving your users day one access to their applications.

Join our webinar to:
  • Learn the common challenges in a traditional M&A project
  • Understand how a cloud identity and access management solution simplifies your M&A process
  • Discover M&A trends and challenges from an industry IAM expert

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