Secure, Simplified Access for your Extended Enterprise

Many organizations need to provide network access to their extended enterprise -- contractors, temp workers, partners, vendors, and others -- to effectively run their business. However, these users create unique challenges and introduce new cybersecurity risks.

Providing these users with proper access to internal resources and applications is a tough undertaking. IT faces integration complexities, increased IT support requirements, and new security risks.

In this webinar, Daniel Lu and Aaron Yee from Okta explore the top five questions IT must address to successfully manage the extended enterprise. They include:

  • How do I connect to partner identities?
  • How do I provide secure and selective access?
  • How do I automate user privileges as users come and go?
  • How do I validate proper compliance?
  • How do I offload management of partner users?

Get the answers at this webcast!

Watch the Webinar

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