Seton Hall University Modernizes Identity with Okta


At Okta, they focus on two main themes which are to protect campuses from security threats while making the user's experience simple and enjoyable. Higher education has taken great steps forward to automate identity management, but most colleges and universities are just starting their path to a true frictionless experience by eliminating passwords and incorporating device trust into their access management policies.

Attendees of this webinar joined Paul Fisher, Associate CIO at Seton Hall University, to learn about their progress in modernizing Identity and Access Management using the Okta platform. Attendees learned about where Seton Hall began this transformation, how Identity modernization assisted the University during the COVID-19 pandemic, and where their security operations staff are planning to make further enhancements.

Kevin Bresser, Director of Higher Education at Okta, also showcased a couple of hot topics within higher education IAM including passwordless authentication, device trust, and incorporating signals throughout the campus Zero Trust framework to further implement security policies that make sense on a per-user basis.

During this webinar we:

  • Reviewed Seton Hall University’s Identity modernization successes
  • Reviewed point-and-click solutions to incorporate device trust as part of identity management automation
  • Discussed how to incorporate contextual signals from various security platforms (phishing prevention solutions, device management software, etc.) into creating policies that determines a user’s passwordless and MFA experience.