Shed On-Prem Identity Complexity in a Cloud-First World

The shift to the cloud always seems to focus on enhanced productivity for an organization overall. But cloud adoption also means IT must figure out how to integrate “all-things-cloud” with on-prem Active Directory. Operations can involve partners, contractors, customers, and complex supply chains – all of whom must access countless applications and resources. This makes achieving the business agility necessary to remain competitive, while still maintaining a proper security posture in a cloud-first world, anything but easy.

So, how can organizations shed the weight of legacy on-prem identity while meeting the needs of the changing business?

In this engaging webcast, Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP, Nick Cavalancia, along with Steve Chan and Steve Carello from Okta, will discuss:

  • Why on-prem architectures are weighing your organization down
  • How reducing reliance on Active Directory is the starting point
  • Ways to ensure productivity, security, and agility in a cloud-first world

Watch the Webinar

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