Smart Authentication Can Stop Data Breaches

Every day, a corporate data breach makes headline news. Behind each news story is a company struggling to recover control of its own data, regain customer confidence, and rebound from the devastating costs of damage control, litigation, and lost business. That disaster story almost always starts with weak user-authentication tools. Choosing those tools is the responsibility of IT security professionals, whose job is to protect company data from an army of hackers seeking a payday.

Fortunately, authentication is evolving. Tightening security no longer means you have to choose between burdening users with cumbersome authentication tools or lowering the bar for hackers. Okta Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication’s contextual access policies give you flexible ways to allow, deny, or step up authentication before allowing access. A rich set of second factors like Okta Verify with Push, YubiKey, and SMS simplifies securing access for all types of users. Best of all, Okta Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication integrates easily into your apps and VPNs.

This webinar will explain how Okta Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication offers increased security and easier access for your organization and gives you the opportunity to get expert answers to your organization’s authentication challenges. This webinar originally played on the SC Magazine website.

Speakers: Arturo Hinojosa, Senior Product Marketing, Okta and Eric Karlinsky, Senior Tech Marketing Manager, Okta

Watch the Webinar

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