The Future of Medicine: Protecting Privacy Without Impacting Quality of Care

Management of patient data is easily one of the most pressing responsibilities faced by healthcare organizations today. Modern technology and innovative approaches to care are making it easier than ever for patients to receive the treatment they need when they need it, but these advances are challenging the standard approach to privacy and protection of data. How do you ensure ease of access to patient records in a timely manner without compromising privacy? In this webinar, Nick Desai, CEO and Co-Founder of Heal, and Kevin Sheu, Director of Customer Identity Solutions at Okta, discuss the challenges of balancing patient control with data security.

This conversation will cover: 

  • Who gets access to what information and when? Defining realistic expectations around patient privacy.
  • How can we give patients the control they really want while ensuring they’re protected? Educating consumers on how to secure their patient information.
  • How do you balance ease of access with regulation and compliance? Exploring how new technology merges patient experience with security, authentication and visibility.

Watch the Webinar

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