Tired of losing your customers to the login box?

Have you ever abandoned the login process due to a never ending cycle of wrong passwords, security questions, or lock outs? Well, you’re not alone. 83% of consumers have abandoned their cart or sign-up due to an arduous login process*. Your customer’s identity is so much more than a login box. Customer Identity and Access Management, more efficiently spoken of as CIAM, is on the forefront of every company’s digital revolution ushered in by the last couple of years. Thus, making the system your customers interact with whenever they verify their digital identity, of paramount importance.

A not so great CIAM solution stops at the login box, creating friction for users, security vulnerabilities and prevents companies from growing as fast as they need to.

Figuring out how to prioritize the right CIAM solution can be daunting, so let us help. Join us for this quick 30 minute webcast hosted by CIAM expert, Tony Bricca, Senior Solutions Engineer at Okta. We’ll also hear from Van Mittal-Henkle, Principal Software Engineer at Kiva. We’ll discuss:

  • The importance of how CIAM allows you to get all of the identity context you have about your customers in one safe, secure spot.
  • Small businesses getting the most out of any software given their limited resources
  • The benefits of having a CIAM solution, including the long term benefits

Watch the Webinar

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