Why Cloud Smart Government Needs Zero Trust


“Never trust; always verify” – it’s the new slogan for information security in a perimeter-less landscape. While 93% of Federal agencies have implemented security solutions mapping to this modern mindset, the majority haven’t outlined a clear Zero Trust initiative fit for cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud demands.

To calculate the value of Zero Trust in the Federal government, MeriTalk and Okta surveyed 110 agency IT leaders. In this webinar, we discuss the survey results with NIST's Scott Rose, author of the new Zero Trust Architecture draft report and Alper Kerman, National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence Project Manager. We’ll explore:

  • Why is Zero Trust so important for Federal cybersecurity?
  • How can Zero Trust decrease cyber incidents while increasing workforce productivity?
  • Where do agencies fall on the Zero Trust Maturity Curve? And, what projects are first priority?
  • How are agencies, such as DISA, implementing Zero Trust pilot programs?