Workforce Identity Cloud: Roadmap and Feature Releases

Join us for an overview of our latest feature capabilities and witness firsthand how we are committed to delivering unparalleled user experiences without compromising security. Walk away with tangible strategies to do more with less and drive agility to unlock the full potential of your digital workforce.

Tune in to get a first-hand look at:

  • Enhanced Privileged Access: Delve into advanced features like Transactional MFA for Secrets and CIEM Enhancements, which provide an extra layer of security where it's needed most

  • Identity Threat Protection: Enhance your security with continuous assessment and adaptive actions, leveraging Okta's insights and external security signals for comprehensive identity threat defense

  • Directories innovation: Receive an exclusive preview of Realms Early Access and our solution for scalability with Supersonic & Contains search

  • Security enhancements: Learn about our latest security hardening measures, including VPN detection and blocking, strengthened session binding for admin roles, and precise network zone controls for API token usage

  • And much more: Delve into broader updates across governance solutions, platform enhancements, and more

Watch the Webinar

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