Best Practices: Eliminate On-Premises Active Directory Dependency

Cloud evolution has caused organizations to rethink identity, authentication, security, access, and applications.  Active Directory—the one-time king of on-prem directory services—no longer is the right choice for many organizations moving to a cloud-first business model.

While organizations can and do continue to use AD, cloud apps are an increasingly critical part of business operations. AD technology—which is not designed for the cloud—only hinders growth, innovation and productivity.

Read this Redmond Intelligence best practices report to learn:

  • Why you need to stop the AD-centric thinking.
  • How to identify what you need from an identity platform.
  • Why you should relocate untethered identities to the cloud.
  • When to consider an HRMS as the employee system of record.
  • How to incorporate heterogeneous devices.
Read this Redmond best practices report to learn how Active Directory is holding your organization back as you move to a cloud-first business model.

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