Build your app or service right from the get go

This whitepaper provides practical guidance for small and medium-sized businesses to navigate the complexities of identity and access management (IAM) solutions, emphasizing the importance of making informed decisions to support long-term success and growth. Readers can expect:

  • An exploration of various IAM options available to SMBs, including building from scratch, purchasing point solutions, or investing in bundled features.
  • Insight into the complexity and common requirements of IAM components, such as authentication policies, token services, and MFA.
  • Discussion on challenges like scope creep and the need for ongoing maintenance and evolution of IAM solutions.
  • Guidance on aligning developer resources effectively and considering alternatives to building IAM solutions in-house.
  • Practical advice on laying groundwork, researching options, and conducting proof of concepts to make informed decisions about IAM that align with business objectives and future growth.