How Identity Orchestration Transforms Service Delivery and Automation

As a ServiceNow customer (or if you are considering ServiceNow), your organization has made a commitment to manage the lifecycle of your applications. But what about managing identity, access, and visibility of those application users?

As business models, user behaviors, and underlying technologies break down and, IT teams need technologies that serve the needs of their modern user communities, without slowing down the speed of business.

Today’s modern service-oriented IT organizations provide users with rapid on-boarding and real-time access to the applications and data they need. Integrating identity and service management achieves that. 

This paper describes how integrating identity and service management not only improves onboarding/offboarding users, but streamlines your view of users and provides a security layer for all points of access. And why Okta is the choice for many ServiceNow customers.

How Identity Orchestration Transforms Service Delivery Whitepaper

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