Identity governance buyer’s guide

There’s an explosion of digital identities in the workplace, fueled by people, devices, and resources spread around the globe. It’s difficult for IT and security teams to balance workforce productivity with the need to limit access to only the right people, the right resources, and for the right amount of time. Inadequate Identity management can lead to security gaps and manual processes that grow as an organization’s workforce and technology footprint expands. As a result, 61% of businesses now see managing and securing digital identities as a top three priority of their security program.

Identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions manage the complex array of an organization’s access rights across its various resources and Identity repositories. This guide looks at the key challenges organizations face when considering IGA and the top use cases they prioritize. We’ll provide an overview of IGA capabilities and some key attributes to consider. Based on our observations working with IT, security, and business teams, we provide some practical guidance on how to prepare for your IGA implementation.