Marketing in a Cookieless World

In response to increasing consumer and regulatory focus on privacy, Google’s pledging to end support for third-party cookies by 2024. . So how will you scale acquisition when one of your most effective top-of-funnel marketing tools is gone?

Marketing in a Cookieless World gives you the context you need to adapt quickly. You’ll learn strategies for understanding your customers in a consent-forward way, and tips for using modern customer identity technology to get more value from your customer profile data.

Read this paper to get insights on:
• How the industry is responding to the deprecation of third-party identifiers
• How combining first- and zero-party data will be critical for sustaining customer acquisition and retention 
• Practical ways that customer identity technology - like Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud - can help you better predict customers’ behavior and preferences.

Don’t wait. Start learning how Customer Identity can give you a decided advantage in a world without cookies.


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