SMBs at Work 2024

Small and midsize businesses with 500 or fewer employees, or SMBs, don’t always make the headlines — but they’re the lean and agile companies who actually drive business change. 

Compiling data from Okta’s 18,000+ active global customers, the inaugural SMBs At Work report shows how innovative, efficient SMBs are making software, security, and automation decisions that define best practices and change the way we work.

Download the 2024 SMBs At Work report today, and discover: 

  • What apps are popular in the SMB app stack?
  • Which app categories are SMBs focusing on now?
  • Are SMBs adopting more secure authentication factors?
  • What trends in automation and security are SMBs driving?
  • Do SMBs’ preferred apps change as their businesses grow?
  • How are SMBs leading the way towards passwordless and biometrics?

Plus: A special focus on the outsize change driven by small businesses (SMBs who have 50 or fewer employees). 

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