Okta and ServiceNow: Integrate Identity and Service Management

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Managing user onboarding and offboarding, and application permissions can be a full-time job, especially in enterprises as people come and go, and change responsibilities. Okta integrates with ServiceNow to efficiently manage user and application permissions and take the pressure off beleaguered IT departments. As the leading IDaaS provider, Okta integrates with ServiceNow to drive new levels of automation and self-service into the modern enterprise.

How Okta and ServiceNow Work Together

Okta and ServiceNow:

• Automates the entire onboarding and offboarding process. Replace your multiple process checklists with one integrated workflow. Automate user lifecycle management and application access and provisioning in Okta, and approvals, hardware, facilities fulfillment, and other orchestration activities in ServiceNow.

• Offers powerful, real-time self-service for applications and groups. Allow employees to request real-time access to on-premise and non-connected cloud apps, including Directory and Cloud App Groups from the ServiceNow Service Catalog. Password and multi-factor authentication factor resets can also be completely self-service.

With Okta and ServiceNow working together, application provisioning becomes a simple workflow-based process. The user requests access to an app from the ServiceNow catalog; this triggers a workflow and creates an approval task for the app owner. Once the owner approves the request, the Okta Activity Pack item is called to add the user to the app’s user group. Okta assigns the user to the group, which automatically provisions the app.

The end result: Users get what they need more quickly, and the burden is off IT to manage the fulfillment process.

The Benefits of Integrating Okta and ServiceNow

The Okta and ServiceNow integration is easy, safe, and immediately productive. A wizard-driven setup makes configuration simple and intuitive. Get ServiceNow integrated with Okta to:

• Automate lifecycle management

• Sync directory users and groups

• Provide secure single sign-on

• Enforce adaptive security policies

• Track and report on all activities

With these solutions integrated into your system, you make it easier for users to gain access to the apps they need, and relieve your IT department from having to manually manage onboarding, offboarding, and app provisioning—all while keeping your enterprise’s apps, data, and users safe.


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