The Benefits of Okta Certification

The Shift to Digital: Table Stakes in a Changing World

Pitney Bowes is known for its founder’s invention of the postage meter in 1920, but today, shipping and mailing is just one aspect of the brand. In 2016, the company launched its Commerce Cloud, which ties together Pitney Bowes technologies into a streamlined platform that simplifies the increasing complexity of modern commerce.

It was the culmination of a digital transformation that Chief Innovation Officer Roger Pilc calls “the bridge to the next century”—flexible and visionary enough to carry Pitney Bowes, its partners, and its customers into the next 100 years.

Whether you lead in manufacturing or healthcare, technology or finance, you likely have similar aspirations for your organization. For you, Okta is probably a key part of a broader initiative designed to modernize your infrastructure and set your company up to thrive in a more connected environment.


Addressing the Digital Skills Gap

This global shift comes with challenges that go beyond technology, however. The competition for people with the skills to manage that technology, analyze the data, and guide new company initiatives can be fierce. Going all in and getting the greatest value from IT investments means making sure the people on your team are constantly learning and looking ahead.

In October 2017, McKinsey & Company reported that, “on average, companies that implement effective capability building programs as part of their transformations beat the odds: their transformations are 4.1 times as likely to succeed and derive 2.2 times the benefits…as those of other companies.” Yet, according to their survey, “most companies fail to invest in capability building.


How Okta Certification Programs can Help

When your organization is undergoing tremendous change, it can feel overwhelming just to keep up with the day-today. The idea of sending members of your team off for a few days of training can seem like a lot to ask. But when we survey Okta customers, we find that time investment yields significant benefits:

Maximize and protect your Okta investment. While Okta products are designed to be simple to manage and use, they also present a nearly endless variety of solutions. The better your team understands how they work, the more benefits you will see.

“Studying for my certification meant I needed to get a deeper understanding of things I didn’t do every day. As a result, I think we now make better use of the technology than we did before.”

Kelsey Van Haaster Product Owner Identity, Thoughtworks

Improve ROI. Certified team members report increased confidence, productivity, and self-sufficiency with Okta products. That adds up to an even quicker return on your Okta investment.

“The Okta certification exam challenges your Okta knowledge thoroughly. The exam helped me identify areas that I needed to shore up, and I definitely feel more comfortable in the product by being certified.”

Senior Engineer Financial Analyst Firms

Demonstrate your team’s brilliance. Certification offers a recognized benchmark upon which your team can evaluate their skills and knowledge, and prove their value to the organization.

“Okta certification is helpful in proving your expertise with Okta. The certification exam really puts your skills to the test.”

Ketan Solanki Senior IAM Developer, Oportun

Build morale and employee loyalty. Companies winning today’s talent wars know that investments in employee professional development help create “stickier” workplaces—boosting job satisfaction and creating more positive perceptions of the company. Build your company’s reputation as a great place to work, and you’ll attract the best talent, rather than constantly dealing with high turnover.

“Certification was a great stepping stone for my professional career, to show my adoption of one of the most used applications in my tool belt not just to my managers, but also to the rest of my colleagues.”

Mike Rossman IT Administrator, Outreach


Make Sure Your Transformation Beats the Odds

In our research, we find that customers who take advantage of our training and certification programs see greater adoption and more value from their Okta implementation. Enterprise organizations as a whole see the biggest difference when their Okta administrators participate in training.

An Okta implementation can be a game-changer for your company, and Okta training and certification offers your team the foundation, confidence, and understanding to solve more problems and take Okta as far as it can go. An investment in Okta certification shows that, when it comes to your company’s digital transformation, you have uncommon insight and a solid commitment to maximize and protect your Okta investment.