It’s time to move on from Active Directory

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There’s a better option than Active Directory, so why settle for less than you deserve? Choose Okta, the modern identity platform that can actually fulfill your company’s modern IT needs.


Active Directory makes everything harder

Companies are constantly evolving, and AD simply hasn’t kept up. AD makes it harder for you to support today’s modern workforce of contractors, freelancers, and people working remotely. It creates extra work, and it’s holding companies back from innovation and modernization.

Transition to Okta

Unlike Microsoft AD, the Okta Identity Cloud is built for companies’ long-term needs. The Okta Identity Cloud is a modern directory and it’s also more than that: It offers single sign-on (SSO), lifecycle management, and multi-factor authentication.

Workforce Identity
Okta Customer Identity.

Security, productivity, flexibility

Okta’s capabilities accommodate a wide range of identities and devices. With over 6,500 integrations in the Okta Integration Network, Okta can connect anyone that touches your organization to any technology they want to use. And by focusing on the user, Okta enables a zero trust approach to security, so you never have to worry.

Switching over is worth it

Choosing Okta means taking back control over your identity processes and data. Start today, and Okta can help support you through the switch. Say hello to agile, user-friendly IT.


Rethink Active Directory Maturity Model

business agility
business modernity

Status Quo

  • All users stored in Active Directory (AD)
  • AD controls all machines and access via GPOs
  • SaaS uses separate logins

Extending AD with SSO

  • IdaaS integrates with AD enabling SSO to Saas and on-premises apps
  • IdaaS centralizes security policies
  • MFA secures apps and resources

Establishing an IdaaS Identity Hub

  • ldaaS sources employees from HR System directly and provisions to AD
  • Non-employees managed in ldaaS natively
  • Device management solution controls end user devices

A Secure Identity Cloud

  • ldaaS controls access to all applications and resources with adaptive policies and passwordless auth
  • Device management and ldaas solutions share device and user context
  • ldaaS secures access to servers and network resources like VPN, WiFi
  • Files servers replaced by Saas file sync and share solution
  • Cloud print services replace print servers

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