Arup Chakrabarti


Arup Chakrabarti

Senior Director, Engineering

Arup’s advice for the next generation of up and coming tech leaders:

"Leadership comes in many shapes and forms. Be intentional with what kind of leader you want to become."

Arup’s impact:

Arup Chakrabarti is the Senior Director of Engineering at PagerDuty, and one of the company’s earliest employees. Arup’s site and database reliability teams have been key to securing PagerDuty’s ability to scale through the company’s growth of 15% year over year, with over 12,000 customers. To that end, Arup has led the multi-year transformation of PagerDuty's infrastructure to handle 100x the traffic volume and 20x the notification volume since 2013.

His passion for reliability and efficiency is evidenced in PagerDuty’s financial metrics, with best-in-class gross margins of 85%, very low customer churn, and uptime well above 99%. This level of scale has enabled PagerDuty to count over 38% of the Fortune 500 as customers.

Why he’s an Up-and-Comer:

Arup pioneered the technique of treating infrastructure as code. For teams, this has allowed for simplified spin up, failover, and the ejection of machines. Teams can have open source contributors, and can invent solutions for non-textbook problems. Using these techniques under Arup’s leadership, one team successfully deployed container-based microservice architecture to help PagerDuty effectively scale for its larger customers, as well as a new database architecture. This allowed for near-instantaneous failovers—with almost zero customer impact.

Arup consistently pushes for innovation and engineering excellence, constantly improving PagerDuty’s renowned reliability and scalability. PagerDuty’s platform is “always on” and available to customers. He is also a published expert on-site reliability engineering, with a thought leadership piece published in the Incident Response chapter of Google’s 2018 SRE workbook.