Jocey Karlan



Jocey Karlan

Product Lead, New Customer Experience

Jocey’s advice for the next generation of up and coming tech leaders

"Don't waste energy trying to justify your "atypical" background or experience. The diversity of backgrounds is part of what positions the next generation of tech leaders to be so successful. Focus instead on identifying your unique skill set and determining what you want to capitalize on next."

Jocey’s impact:

As Head of Product, New Customer Experience at Asana, Jocey leads teams focused on driving new user adoption and making the core surface areas of the app more impactful and intuitive. She takes a user-centric, data-driven leadership approach to build products that empower users and solve real problems. The work of Jocey and her teams span end-to-end across the product, focusing primarily on users’ first 60 days. 

Most recently, Jocey spearheaded the redesign of the product’s List View, the most frequently used surface area in Asana. The launch drove increased visitation and collaboration within the product, and has led to a significant lift in early key actions.

Jocey consistently leverages data to help Asana break away from more conventional onboarding pitfalls, advocating for a balance between a speedy introduction to the product and a deeper learning experience.

Why she’s an Up-and-Comer:

Jocey has driven the strategy, planning, and execution of the roadmap for new customer experience at Asana, empowering her teams to deliver high quality at high velocity.

She advocates for launches-to-learn and encourages her teams to take big swings to improve the product experience. She advocates for a mindset of data-driven iteration and creative thinking. By way of example, Jocey leveraged user research to lead an initiative called “Operation Adoption” where, over a few months, she went on-site with customers to observe both Asana advocates and resistors in their work environment. She crystalized learnings to propose a cross-company strategy to Asana leadership. This accordingly helped to shape the roadmap of multiple teams.

Jocey has also helped her teams strategize around a 60-day adoption journey that is impacted, not just by early surface areas, but by a holistic consideration of the product, aimed at driving behavioral change and habit building.