Laura Marino


Laura Marino

Senior Vice President, Product

Laura's advice for the next generation of up and coming tech leaders:

"Innovation is a team sport, and the most innovative teams are those that bring together people who have diverse backgrounds, diverse experiences, and diverse perspectives."

Laura's impact:

Laura is the Senior Vice President of Product, responsible for product management, design, and operations. Part of her mandate has been to ensure that her Product Management and Design teams conduct comprehensive user research, gathering input and feedback from customers. She has successfully delivered new functionality, while maintaining Lever’s core value of providing an excellent end-user experience. She also coordinates with the Lever go-to-market teams to provide a seamless flow for customers adopting new functionality.

Why she’s an Up-and-Comer:

Laura is a strong advocate for using diversity and inclusion as a tool for radical innovation. With an eye toward diversity, she doubled the size of her team since joining the company. More broadly, she introduced concrete tools within the Lever product to help their customers build more markedly diverse teams. Lever’s Relationship Management software enables companies to effectively attract and hire talent in two ways: tracking the diversity of their candidates throughout the interview process and helping them develop new strategies to attract more diverse talent pools. As a leader in this philosophy, she serves on the Board of Leading Women in Technology, a non-profit dedicated to promoting women’s leadership.