Sheryl Soo


Sheryl Soo

Senior Director, Product Design

Sheryl’s advice for the next generation of up and coming tech leaders:

"Practice empathy and always assume positive intent. This mindset will build a culture of trust within your organization, and you'll improve your ability to collaborate, communicate, and drive initiatives forward."

Sheryl’s impact:

Sheryl is the Senior Director of Product Design at Hootsuite. In a 6-month strategic planning and vision project, Sheryl helped align over 110 stakeholders across the organization to develop and evangelize a long-term product strategy to differentiate Hootsuite in the market. This involved understanding the competitive landscape, market dynamics, customer needs, and a thorough review of Hootsuite’s strengths and weaknesses.

A specific product service that Sheryl helped lead was the redesign of Hootsuite’s most central and core tool, the Composer. This was a multi-year endeavor, which involved a re-envisioning and re-design from the ground up, for both desktop and mobile. This redesign was the first time Hootsuite increased user adoption through “value forward messaging.”

Why she’s an Up-and-Comer:

Sheryl has shifted the way user experience is seen within the company, morphing it into a central component of the company’s success. Through championing and educating the organization on the importance of being customer-centric, this shift has fundamentally changed the way the Product and Development teams develop strategy and work together.

Sheryl has also built and managed a talented and diverse team of 27 user-experience designers and user researchers, all responsible for the core Hootsuite product. These teams are responsible for meeting the ever-evolving needs of their 18 million users, as well as delivering value to the business.