Automate Onboarding and Offboarding with Okta



At Okta, we know you can hire the best employees. But they can’t do their job unless they have all the apps, tools and information that they need; when they need it.

This is no easy task. Onboarding a new hire is a tedious process. It forces HR and IT to work closely together, relaying information back and forth via email, file drops, and ticketing systems. These systems are not secure and have the potential for errors. You run the risk of miscommunication, tension, lower productivity and even devastating leaks of sensitive HR data.

Okta automates the onboarding process. Instead of this, it’s a simple straight line. All info goes from HR to IT. New information is given to HR, and well, that’s it.

Okta immediately recognizes the change and automatically adds the new hire’s personal information to your companies directory, and provides them with access to the apps they’ll need based on their role.

No more requests for access to apps, no more waiting periods. Your new employee is ready-to-go, first thing on day one. Plus every change is tracked and logged, so you can always confirm where and when something happened.

Which means no more finger pointing or blaming thrown around. Apply this efficiency to the entire lifecycle of an employee, onboarding, offboarding and every change in between.

Now take scaling into consideration: as your company grows, so do the effects of the automation. With Okta, HR drives the flow of information - and the best part - you don’t have to change a thing about how you currently operate. All you have to do is keep doing what you’ve been doing and watch as the stresses of lifecycle management disappear.

HR is happy because they get to keep using the tools they know and understand with a way better end result. IT is happy because the transfer of data is seamless, making their to-do list substantially shorter. And your company thrives, saving time and money on automated processes that are more secure.

Learn how Okta can add efficiency to the entire lifecycle of employee onboarding, offboarding and every change in between.

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