Okta + Box Streamline and Secure Collaboration



Daniel O'Leary:  Our vision is to become the content layer that connects every application within the enterprise. Just like Okta connects the identity, Box one connects the content. So no matter where you go, all of your content is stored securely and accessible in Box on every end point. And with Okta that powers the identity layer.

Marco A. Marquez:  The base is really storage, but we build on top of it. So Box builds on top of the storage. It's not just what we call dump storage, it's actually active storage. You're able to collaborate on the storage.

Tosin Onafowokan:  Every day I help customers set up their single sign on service to interact with Box. We find a lot of customers run into pitfalls when trying to set up something like Microsoft federated services. With Okta, customers are given a very simple process in which they can create their configuration and set up, and typically can be up and running in 10 minutes.

Daniel O'Leary:  For me, identity is one of the most critical pieces of all of our deployments, because it's how we know who people are and that determines a lot. Like what they can access, what devices they can use, and how we actually roll Box out to them. For me, Okta is a really critical part of every implementation, because without knowing who we're rolling out to, or what they're going to do, without identity we don't have much of a solution.

Marco A. Marquez:  Mainly I recommend Okta because of how easy it is to set up, easy it is to manage, how effective it is, and how secure it is.

Daniel O'Leary:  When we talk to customers, they have habits in the way they work. And our whole goal is to bring Box as close as we can to the way they currently work and do business, including all the applications, the websites, and the systems that they use. With Okta that means they have a single username and password to remember, and when they log in to Box for the first time, they have this rich content experience powered by things like their group memberships.

When we launch, we love using Okta because Box now appears right in your dashboard and it's an application you can access. Whether you sign in from your iPad, or from Outlook, or on your desktop, it's that single unified log in that gives you access to all of the resources that we provisioned you for.

Tosin Onafowokan:  Okta also provides deeper integrations with Box via our APIs. It allows you the ability to not only create accounts, disable accounts, but also manage them through groups. Okta continues to grow in that facet by leveraging more features that Box pushes out via our APIs. By already having Okta, you can choose to leverage Box as your content layer, meaning that a lot of your data, which you need on a day to day basis, is stored within Box. From there, your end users can access this data at anywhere and at anytime.

Box has a vision to become the content layer that connects every application within an enterprise, much like Okta connects security. Okta provides deeper integration with Box via APIs, managing accounts, and user provisioning. A lot of data is stored within Box, so having end users be able to access the content layer from anywhere at anytime, and securely, is important. Now, Box can roll out faster than ever, meaning there’s more time for Box to work with customers, and less time spend on identity management and authentication.