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Citizen Schools

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Billy Lubanski: So Citizen Schools is a national nonprofit. We work in low income middle schools to try and close the opportunity gap. We do these things called apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are 10 week long courses basically, taught by just people from the community who come in and they teach a talent or skill that they studied.

Billy Lubanski: We're a very cloud-based organization. We use Okta to save time in the technology team. Because we use AmeriCorps volunteers, they cycle in classes so every year in July we onboard 120 new staff members and we graduate 120 staff members. So I have to make sure that those 120 people are all set up to go day one and that the 120 people who are exiting the organization, that all of their stuff is taken back and all of their accounts are de-provisioned in the correct way.

Billy Lubanski: Being able to enter my data once into my active directory system and then have Okta set up everything else for me by just doing a sync saves me countless hours.

Billy Lubanski: I think the most beneficial thing I've learned from using Okta, as far as to apply to my career in technology, is the way that systems can connect and the way integrations work. So I started out in IT as just a regular help desk person and especially in nonprofits you kind of pick up new duties and you pick up problems and try to solve them as you go along.

Billy Lubanski: So training and certification actually reminded me a lot of features that Okta has that Citizen Schools doesn't even utilize right now. When I was going through the trainings, I had a number of times where something would be mentioned, a feature that I had forgotten about and I would incidentally connect it to a problem that we're having and I immediately thought, "I need to write this down. I can use that, I can use this feature or this utility that is built into Okta to solve this problem that I've been having without even realizing I had a, or was looking for a solution for that problem."

Maria Drake: Okta For Good, it's showing our students that out there, there's a thing called Okta that they can aspire to go work in some day. If they like people, they might work in HR. If they like gaming right now, they might like working someday in engineering or in an app. If they are leaders, which many of our students have great leadership skills, maybe they'll run the company. And Okta For Good is really probably the only nonprofit side of a corporation that are going to go visit. So for them to understand that corporations and organizations have these side arms that are doing good in a community is super important.