CPSG Partner Testimonial Video



Lee Murray:  My name is Lee Murray. I'm a Senior Principal with CPSG Partners. At CPSG, our main focus areas are enterprise applications such as human resources and also identity and access management. At CPSG, it really made sense for us to partner with a provider like Okta because we're on the same mission: to help companies move to the cloud and address the security in managing access into the cloud.

One of the nice features that's a really important value to our customers is Okta has a really tight integration with Workday, which enables, through a very streamlined pre-configured connector, to setup Workday as the authoritative source for HR, which allows you to drive employee lifecycle events such as new hires, terminations, have those flow through Okta and then to your other provisioning target applications such as AD and any other cloud application. This workflow can be driven by HR attributes and your roles that define which applications the user has access to.

One of the things we see in our engagements with Okta is really the value to the customer and the quick delivery andthe quick time to market that we can bring with the solution, especially compared to a traditional on-premise type identity management solutions. The integration is much quicker. We can have a solution up and live and rolled out to the end users in a veryshort time frame.

In our experience over the years with the different identity access management providers, one of the differentiators for Okta that really stands out to us is their really fresh approach to the solution, not only being cloud-based but just the very streamlined and rapid approach to the climate that really enables our customers to get the value in a quicker time to market.

Okta as a partner has been very good to work with, and great staff, very knowledgeable and very eager to help and a true partner model.

At CPSG Partners, their main business areas are enterprise applications for human resources and identity and access management. Partnering with Okta was a natural choice because they are on the same mission to help companies move to the cloud while making the cloud more secure. For CPSG, the value in teaming up with Okta was the quick delivery time to customers, especially in comparison to traditional on-premise devices. Okta was the standout decision for CPSG because of their fresh and quick cloud-based approach and their helpful staff.