Gavi Customer Testimonial Video



David Nix:  Gavi really is unique in that we have a mission which is about saving children's lives and we do that through making sure that vaccines and immunization practices are available in the world's most developing countries. As of 2015 Gavi and our partners have immunized over 500 million kids through our efforts. By 2020 we expect to immunize another 300 million kids. It's a great organization that is really leveraging innovative technology to deliver on the mission.

Our strategy as a whole has been to look at who our stakeholders are, whether it's our countries, our Board members, our secretariat staff, and engage themin this digital knowledge transformation that we're going through. Our first step was to put a platform in place that allowed us to interact with those stakeholders digitally. It quickly turned into how do we provide them access to a number of different services and sets of knowledge that exist, and in order to enable that seamlessly with a great user experience, identity management was key to moving that forward.

We've taken the last three years to really update this from a traditional architecture but as we moved into a cloud-based strategy, having identity management in the cloud and really embedded into everything we did was critical for our success. One of the things that's really important to us is is the organization lined up to Gavi's mission, andso through that process we identified Okta as being the leading candidate.

Our implementation of Okta was surprisingly simple. Okta is enabling over 1,000 users to gain access to vaccines, health systems strengthening dollars in order to save kids' lives. And so bringing together our manufacturers and all of our partners, the WHO and UNICEF, through this online partner portal is a great step in terms of being better and more efficient at how we deliver services to countries.

We've also rolled out multi-factor authentication which has really helped enable a sense of stronger security across all of our stakeholders. The result of this has been that we have higher quality data about our people in all the right places which once again is the key to the rightknowledge management. The people that Okta put on our implementation team were great thinkers. They knew the product. They knew how to help us solve the problems but realistically they were also really interested in what Gavi was doing, and really trying to help us move our mission forward. It wasn't just about implementing technology. It really was about saving kids' lives.

Gavi’s mission is to bring help to those that need it most, especially when it comes to vaccinating children around the world. It is a goal that requires giving their stakeholders all the information and services they need. Okta Identity & Access Management solutions and Multi-Factor Authentication did not only enable and secure that process – it helped save kids’ lives.