HR’s Perspective: How to Automate Onboarding and Offboarding with Okta



Speaker 1: At Okta we know you can hire the best employees. But they can't do their job unless they have access to all the apps, tools, and information they need when they need it. This is no easy task. Onboarding a new hire is a tedious process. It forces HR and IT to work closely together, relaying information back and forth via email, file drops, and ticketing systems, all of which are not secure and have the potential for errors. And as HR and IT work quickly to keep productivity up, the chance of error increases. You run the risk of miscommunication, tension, lower productivity, and even devastating leaks of sensitive HR data.

Speaker 1: Okta automates the onboarding process. Instead of this, it's as simple straight line. All info goes from HR to IT. New information is given to HR and then that's it. Okta immediately recognizes the change and automatically adds the new hire's personal info to your company's directory, and provides them with access to the apps they'll need based on their role.

HR managers around the world want a pleasant day-one onboarding experience. See how you can have automated onboarding with Okta.