Okta & Zylo at Instructure



Speaker 1: We kind of live and breathe technology. While we build great software, we firmly believe that product and engineering are part of who we are. Instructure is a learning management company. We have an awesome group of employees. We get to oversee a lot of the larger systems that support the company. With Zylo, they've been able to not just bring us awareness of the cost, but they've been able to give us some understanding of how the software is being utilized with their plugins into the different applications that we have and into Okta.

Speaker 1: Okta is a single sign on solution, and we use it pretty widespread throughout the company. Think about how many passwords you have to remember into different applications. Right? Okta solves that problem. With the help of Zylo, they've been able to surface all of our software spend that's focused on cloud. This is actually where Zylo is helping us, because we know the big applications that we want to have a single sign on experience with. Applications like salesforce.com, NetSuite, right? These are big applications, where if you're going to go into those, you want to secure it, you want to have a single sign on experience with the application.

Speaker 1: What we can't do is understand in sales or marketing or in support what applications they're buying, and are they applications that we want to secure, have a single sign on experience with. And so Zylo is able to surface that information to us, and it's almost like they're developing a roadmap for us of, okay, now that we know about these applications, we want to go with Okta, make sure that we have a single sign on experience with them. So that's kind of the vision with Okta, is that we'll just continue to look at the information that was generated from Zylo, and we'll put that on the roadmap of what we need to secure with Okta from a technology perspective.

Speaker 1: But you know, with me, IT, Dev ops, other technology specialists in the company, we look at Okta as like a security measure. We look at it as a solution to help get control around what are the applications that we want to authenticate to securely. So the more that we invest in Okta and Zylo together, the more that we'll understand not just the cost, but the usage. And I feel like I have that with Zylo, and their solution has been fantastic.

The partnership between Okta and Zylo make the single sign-on experience more secure and effective.