Okta + Lucid Software Deliver Seamless Collaboration



Monika Gilmore:  I work at a company called Lucid Software. We make online productivity apps. Our flagship product is called Lucidchart, which is an online diagramming tool.

We have two integrations with Okta. With have an integration for Simul to make it easier for people to sign into their accounts. And we also have a SCIM integration. The SCIM standard is an easy way for you to manage the life cycle of your users. We chose to integrate with Okta because our enterprise customers had a need for it. Just the way that you manage identities as well as keep all of that in one system, without having to log into another management to grant licenses, revoke licenses, and then also having to relearn that entire system. Everything's in Okta, it's so much easier.

Lucidcharts app usage is very interesting. Basically, what will happen is small teams will sprout up at a large organization, and over time somebody in IT or management realizes we have tons of Lucidchart users and we're not managing the accounts properly.

The Okta integration allows our customers to manage their user accounts with ease, and they don't have to worry about these extra accounts sprouting up and not having control over how their users are logging in, and whether or not they're creating documents.

For Lucidchart the Okta integration is a game changer.

Working with Okta as a partner has been fantastic. The conversations that we've had over email and over the phone have always been useful. On Lucidchart side, the business benefits with Okta provisioning are going to be incredible. For us, keeping these accounts consolidated and nice and neat is a way to help promote growth.

I view Okta as an incredible company that's making a big push in the industry. When I first heard of Okta I realized something is going on here. The things that Okta is doing have been things that have been at the top of my mind, and that are constantly asked for by customers. So having a company that's actually doing the ... And making those pushes is fantastic.

Online productivity application creator, Lucid Software, had a need for an identity management software, and Okta fit the bill. Their flagship app, Lucid Chart, is often used on many small teams across a large company. Eventually, someone in IT or management will notice there are a ton of users in the organization and that there must be a better way to manage users. Lucid requested a SCIM integration with Okta as an easy way to manage the lifecycle of users, and a SAML integration to make sign easier. The things Okta does for Lucid were requests customers actually had, and Okta has been a game changed for Lucid.