Meet Your Okta API Security Expert, Smarto Chandra



One of the most recent issues I’ve seen is when customers want to share access to their own APIs and issue credentials to partners, customers, and even just other departments. We secure their APIs with Okta API Access Management which is effectively OAuth as a Service.. but issuing that client id and secret to the partner securely is a challenge. It’s a perfect place to make good decisions around API gateways or bad decisions around poor secret management.

My name is Smarto Chandra and I’m a Services architect at Okta. In my time here, I’ve worked on a variety of API projects in different industries and I’ve seen the results - both good and bad - of the decisions you make at the outset of a project. Success to me is to help customers make good decisions to build better, more secure, and still flexible solutions.

Recently, I recorded a podcast for the Okta “Meet the experts” series with our resident API problem solver, Keith Casey. In this podcast, Keith and I talk about (among other things,) API gateways as one of the underpinnings of modern app design; and the various approaches and patterns that go into their integration with Okta. I took away some learnings myself from our conversation and I am sure you will too!

Meanwhile be sure to tune in to the Meet Your Experts podcast on API gateways with Keith and yours truly by clicking on the link below.

Listen to the podcast here.

In this podcast, Smarto Chandra from Okta Professional Services shares his experience and knowledge on API security. Listen to the podcast here.