Meet Your Okta Customer Identity Expert, Praveen Atluri



The way organizations interact with the customers has evolved dramatically over the years and continues to evolve. Customers expect a seamless, consistent experience regardless of the device or channel they use. And they also expect those experiences to be secure and private. But with all the different high profile security and data breaches in the headlines, consumer demand for a greater security and privacy in regards to protecting their personal information has risen. To meet the high expectations of today's customers, reduce the development time of digital experiences, and to eliminate any potential security gaps, organizations need to put their customer's identity front and center. A modern customer identity and access management or a CIAM solution, will just do that.

My name is Praveen Atluri, and I'm a principal consultant at Okta. I have 15 years of experience in software development and architecture. Throughout my time on the Okta professional services team, I have helped many customers in architecting and integrating Okta with customer and partner facing applications. As an Okta identity expert, we gather requirements from our customers during the product design phase and provide the best possible solution that accelerates their cloud journey and increases return on investment.

In a recent podcast with Okta's Head of Developer Evangelism, Randall Degges, I shared some of my experiences helping customers with their SAML implementations to protect single page, multipage and native applications using OIDC and OAuth leveraging Octane STKs for web and mobile applications, user migration with passport hash and API gateway integrations with Okta. We shared cases like this and more in the podcast. So if you'd like to listen, be sure to tune into the meatier OKta Customer Identity and access management podcast by clicking on the link.

You are listening to the “Meet Your Okta Identity Expert” podcast. A series of podcasts where we bring Okta’s Professional Services experts to share their experiences and knowledge of how they’ve helped customers solve their identity challenges. At Okta, Praveen focuses on marketing our Customer Identity product. He's one of our subject matter experts who helps our customers address the needs of their own customer access management.