Meet Your Okta HR-Driven IT Provisioning Expert, Krish Venkatraman



Hi, my name is Krishnan Venkatraman and I’m a Services Architect with Okta’s Central region and I am based in San Francisco.

I am close to 5 years now with Okta and It has been a great Journey working here.

Identity and access management is really one of my passion areas to work. I am really proud to be part of the professional services team here at Okta where I am able to help lots of customers integrate our product.

Lifecycle management is one of my key expert areas, where I have helped many customers architect HR driven IT provisioning. 

Onboarding and offboarding is always a battle where IT needs to work with HR to streamline the process. It involves lots of manual work and lots of file transfers. 

It is always a big challenge to automate onboarding and offboarding in a timely fashion. In some situations, it is also the business process which is written so complex that it needs high maintenance.

In Okta we provide a flexible HR driven IT provisioning which helps our customers onboard and offboard their employees automatically and more importantly in timely fashion. 

We partner with several leading HR as a service providers to maintain these integrations, so our customers only need to focus on their productivity rather than spending time maintaining these integrations.

Recently, I recorded a podcast called “Meet Your HR-Driven IT Provisioning Experts” with Mike Paiko. 

In this podcast, Mike and I discuss how customers can adopt HR driven IT provisioning and how we help improve the process with automating HR driven provisioning. 

This is one of our key integrations where we help customers with their cloud first journey with Okta. This helps customers reduce operational cost, maintenance and improve productivity.

Be sure to tune in to the Meet Your HR-Driven IT Provisioning Experts podcast by clicking on the link.

Tune in to hear Krish Venkatraman and Mike Paiko discuss a HR-Driven approach to onboarding and offboarding employees. Listen here ›