Meet Your Okta Integrated Enterprise Identity Expert, Joe Witt



In your organization, the concept of identity is not just focused around single sign on but is part of a complex holistic view of an identity from your enterprise that extends from within to your external partners and suppliers and customers.

Your attributes the things that define your identities comes from multiple different systems and all of those attributes can dictate how the user has access to both your internal and external applications. By having a central integrated enterprise identity, you have one single place to ensure that your identities have access to your critical data and systems. This can be complex in terms of how you orchestrate and build out this common identity but once you have the common identity in place it makes it a lot easier to integrate all of your services including APIs and enterprise applications to ensuring that your data access controls and you have the right people accessing the data at the right time.

Recently I recorded a podcast with Kevin Sheu, where we discussed the complexities of integrating enterprise identities. In that podcast, we cover some scenarios and we also talk about how Okta Professional Services can help large enterprises overcome the complexities of integrating enterprise identities. Be sure to tune into the Meet Your Okta Identity Experts podcast by clicking on the link.

Tune in as Okta's expert, Joe Witt, shares some of his experience and knowledge from different Okta deployments managing customer identities across today's landscape. Listen here.