Meet Your Okta LDAP Expert, Abraham Kebede



My name is Abraham Kebede and I am a principal technical consultant. I have been at Okta for almost 4 years and I’ve been in the IT industry for over 15 years.

What we do here is actually helping customers let their users use their existing credentials and move to a new system, where they enforce more security. Common use cases that involve Okta and LDAP are LDAP Integration using Delegated Authentication, migrating off LDAP - which is removing the LDAP from the system, and the last case is using Okta as the LDAP interface for legacy applications.

With on premise technology in mind, which means with the current technology systems have been moving to the cloud -and it’s really hard to move to the cloud with a system that has been designed with on premise systems in mind. To help that, Okta has an integration method that makes it easy for you to move from this one prem system to the cloud. We have a lightweight agent that you can install in your system and it’s used as an interface with Okta. Basically, you have a hybrid technology that uses the legacy system, but you will also get the benefits of state-of-the-art cloud system in Okta.

Hey there! James Flores here, from the Product Marketing team at Okta. Be sure to check out our Meet your Okta LDAP expert podcast, by clicking the link!

In this podcast, Abraham Kebede from Okta Professional Services shares his experience and knowledge on not only integrating Okta and LDAP but migrating off of LDAP and using Okta’s LDAP interface. Listen to the podcast here.