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Meet Your Okta Partner Collaboration Expert, Jyotsna (Jo) Raghunathan

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Jyotsna Raghunathan: Hi! I’m Jyotsna Raghunathan. I’m a senior technical consultant here at Okta. I work on the Professional Services team. My background is in Software Development. I’ve been a Software Engineer for over 10 years. In the past, I’ve worked in a lot of SaaS companies across diverse verticals like Pharma Compliance, Corporate Philanthropic Solutions, Prime Brokerage, Trading Systems and the common thread across all these verticals has been Identity Management and this became my passion. 

Recently, I recorded a podcast called Meet Your Okta Partner Collaboration Experts with my colleague Aaron Yee who’s a Group Product Marketing Manager here at Okta.

In this podcast, Aaron and I have a really interesting chat about extending your Enterprise to the partner ecosystem. More specifically we talk about Business to Business portals. We go into details about who these partners are, what components go into making these B2B portals, some interesting customer use cases and best practices. We talk about how the Okta Cloud Identity Solution can help you power your B2B portal and overcome integration challenges. You’ll hear how you can streamline collaboration, grow efficiency, strengthen security and ultimately drive up engagement and user adoption.

Be sure to tune in to the Meet Your Okta Partner Collaboration Experts podcast by clicking here.

Tune in to this podcast to hear Jyotsna Raghunathan and Aaron Yee discuss Business to Business portals and how to streamline collaboration, grow efficiency, strengthen security and drive engagement and user adoption. Listen here ›