Meet Your Okta Security Expert, Brent Arrington



As more and more sensitive data has shifted to the cloud, everyone is really becoming a potential target.

In addition, an increasingly mobile workforce is demanding access from anywhere to all their applications as well as a positive user experience.

In addition, companies really can no longer rely on network barriers to protect against outside threats.

My name is Brent Arrington, I’m an architect with Okta’s Professional Services team in the East.

I’ve been with Okta for almost 6 years, and I’ve been in the IT industry for almost 20 years beginning as a software developer and moving into more customer facing roles.

I recently recorded a podcast with Teju Shyamsundar where we discussed how to deploy stronger security solutions while still maintaining a positive user experience for your end users.

We discussed how Okta’s solutions for adaptive MFA, our robust policy structures as well as the flexibility that can be garnered with our API implementation can really help pretty much any customer solve their security problems whether it’s an off the shelf solution or a more customized solution.

Be sure to tune into the Meet Your Okta Security podcast by clicking on the link.

Tune in as Brent Arrington and Teju Shyamsundar discuss how Okta can help improve their customers' security posture. Listen to the podcast here.