Okta + BetterCloud Automate Manual Processes for SaaS Applications



Speaker 1: At BetterCloud, we're pioneering a new market category in IT called SAS operations management. We've built industry's first platform to allow IT and empower them to manage and secure policies across their SAS applications.

Speaker 1: So what I like about my job is to build relationships with other people in the industry, and then finally delighting them by helping them achieve their goals and objectives.

Speaker 1: What we really liked when we started to work with Okta is that both Okta and BetterCloud shared the same core values. BetterCloud's core values are about delighting customers, enjoying the journey and learning from it, and working hard with a sense of purpose. And we found those same teams when we started to work with all the people at Okta to build the integration and deliver and go to market with our partnership.

Speaker 1: So we have over 200 mutual customers who are using both Okta and BetterCloud independently, and what they said to us is it would be great to combine both the platforms together. And so a great way to understand why our platforms came together is to visualize what they think of a SAS application. So to our customers, a SAS application looks like an iceberg. The top of the iceberg are things like managing users, groups, and access to their applications. The bottom of the iceberg is the rest of the things that they have to manage manually inside each SAS admin console.

Speaker 1: It's the hundreds of configurations, the settings to manage the data that lives inside the SAS application, and to manage all the different things that they have to do manually today to just operate and administer their SAS application. So Okta does a phenomenal job of building a centralized way to control access users and manage their identities across applications. What BetterCloud has done is to centralize and stitch together the admin consoles of all these disparate SAS apps in one place and then build a very nice way for IT to automate their work and secure of their way to actually detect intermediate threats inside SAS applications.

Speaker 1: I really could resonate with all the people that I worked with at Okta to build our partnership, all the way from conversing with our customers, building the integration, and finally taking it to market. I felt like all of these things I could identify with Okta's employees, and this really helped them make the part of building our partnership really easy.

Okta and BetterCloud automate processes for SAS Apps. Together, they are able to manage user identities over different apps.