Okta + CyberArk Strengthen Privileged Account Access Controls



Adam Bosnian: We help organizations find, manage, secure, track, audit, report, do everything around privileged users, privileged access, privileged activities and privileged processes in their organization.

Edward Nunez: I'm the technical lead on business development group for CyberArk and my role in particular is actually engaging with technology vendors and finding grounds for integration of the customers' benefit from both vendors working together.

Adam Bosnian: My favorite part of the job is listening to where the customers are today and where they want to go tomorrow and trying to determine what are the best pathways to help them do that. Doing that puzzle, figuring out part, I think is really exciting and interesting and keeps me doing it every day.

Edward Nunez: I think the opportunity of working with technology vendors, understanding their approach, their goals and the technology they have and then connecting CyberArk technologies, CyberArk core values also to the core values of the other company, it makes it... I mean, every week is the best week.

Adam Bosnian: We fundamentally are very complimentary in front of the customer, Okta managing the access and authentication for a user and CyberArk managing the access and authentication to the privileged account that that IT admin, network admin, DBA may be using. We need to know that it really is the user that wants to access and we need to know... and that's what Okta does, and we need to know that that user has the rights to do what they need to do on the target system as a privileged user. That's what CyberArk does. So it's a natural compliment.

Adam Bosnian: I think the key way that customers benefit from the Okta and CyberArk partnership really boils down to... we talk a lot about security as a team game. We need the vendors to be working together to the benefit of the customer as we together fight against the adversary. A key part of that is having these solutions work out of the box seamlessly without a lot of muscle and fuss. That's really what Okta and CyberArk have done.

Edward Nunez: What we do is we find the right people to actually fix the problems. That's something that is not easily done because you need to find the resources, you need to be connected at the right level. We do that from the sales part, but also from the customer support side. So customer support, talking to customer support, even without involving the customer, so resources can be shared, knowledge can be shared, technology can be shared. It makes it really easy for when we find issues with... or challenges, let's say, with customers, it's easy to actually connect and move forward from there.

Okta + CyberArk provides secure and centralized authentication to sensitive resources throughout the organization and reduces the attack surface for identity-based cyberthreats.