Okta + Identity Solutions Pave a Successful Future for Identity and Security



Victoria Krol: Identity Solutions is a reseller, solution integrator, and support provider for security and identity management solutions. Identity Solutions, I was very lucky to be the very first reseller and the very first partner who joined Okta in Australia in 2014.

Victoria Krol: I'm responsible for company success, I'm responsible for happiness of the people who work for Identity Solutions, I'm responsible for relationship with vendors and partners who we work with, and I'm responsible for the customer relationship and happiness at Identity Solutions. So it's a big job.

Victoria Krol: Core values at Identity Solutions is to be as transparent as possible, with our customers and our partners. To be helpful, to be personal, and, to the degree possible, to be very simple in what we do.

Victoria Krol: I think the partnership between Okta and Identity Solutions is really something which customers benefit a lot from. Because they have great technology from Okta, and then they have a great team from Identity Solutions, which creates value and measured success for our customers.

Victoria Krol: Okta has made our customers, and actually not just customers, but the partners of customers, and the customers of our customers are successful, because it offers technology and a solution which is really easy to implement, which is very strong nevertheless, in terms of what it provides, security-wise. But it's actually very frictionless, in terms of how the end users are seeing or using it.

Victoria Krol: It's really amazing how Okta can make really complex things sound really simple. How they can explain to the customer the benefit of using the technology, and more importantly, how they can actually make technology, like, looking absolutely great, even though it's very dry and very technical, if you like. Often not necessarily a very loved area by customers. Traditionally, identity management and security have been seen as impediment to progress within the organizations. Removing that, making sure that it kind of works on the background, leaves customers secure.

Victoria Krol: How they see in the future of security and identity management was so aligned with the way how we've seen it and how we wanted it to be, that it was really easy decision for us to strike partnership with Okta, and I'm very happy that we actually have done it, because it proved to be very successful.

Okta partners with Identity Solutions to create a secure identity management system for their customers.