Okta + Partners Go Beyond Today’s Challenges with Tomorrow’s Solutions



Calvin Rowland: So F5 and Okta initially came together as a result of customer feedback, as a result of listening to the voice of the market. Product as it currently existed at both companies, we were able to marry that together and go to market in a way that enabled our customers to start to move forward more quickly for their multi-cloud hybrid IT strategies. Now, as a result of doing that, we had a lot of customers, and as a result of having a lot of customers, we've learned a few things. And that's put us in a position to collaboratively start to innovate on their behalf. And so you're going to see us accelerating our joint go to market and product strategies as a result of that, to help our customers go even faster than they previously thought possible.

Rohit Mehrotra: Over 40 years or so, we have implemented 60 plus implementations of Okta successfully, and I'm proud to say that every customer is [referencable 00:01:05] and very happy.

Rex White: We have an enormous shared install base. We have enterprises of all sizes that are using ServiceNow and Okta together, bringing it together, to really deliver best in class solutions to their end users. And that's really what it's all about.

Hayley Roberts: Okta decided on working with Distology, because when we're more interested in the focused consultative nature of what Okta represents, so Distology has lots of discussions and works with many, many partners, hundreds of partners, that are communicating their product sets and solutions to the UK end user marketplace. So Okta chose Distology, because we're having those consultative discussions. It's not just a transactional relationship. It is much more about having that really good marriage of technology and the access to the UK market.

David Stafford: Hearing the customer transformation in digital transformations that are taking place because of Okta being able to help orchestrate these journeys to cloud, where from on premises file services to Dropbox. All of that has been made possible to where they're literally moving to 100% cloud based solution with unprecedented ROI. It's those stories of value that make it a especially rewarding to see what Dropbox and Okta do together.

Brent Wissbrod: Yeah, the Okta culture is refreshing and much different than what I've experienced in the past. It actually really does feel like a family. You know, once you start working with the team and get to know them, they treat you almost like you're a part of the Okta team, so it's a lot of fun.

Watch how we go beyond customers challenges with help from Okta’s partners.