Okta + VMware Workspace One



Speaker 1: The way we work is changing. People want, no they expect, to be able to work from any device and any location. This requires a fundamental change in how organizations approach security. The traditional network security model is no longer effective. Enterprise apps and data now live both on premises and in the Cloud. Employees connect to these apps and data from an increasing array of devices. The network perimeter is no more. Your people are the perimeter.

Speaker 1: Implementing a Zero Trust security model, while still offering a seamless user experience, is a monumental challenge, until now. By combining Okta, the leader in identity and access management and VMware, the leader in unified end point management, enterprises don't have to choose between security and user experience. The integration of Okta and VMware Workspace ONE, enables you to utilize contextual access management to analyze not only the user, but also the device, network and location and use these attributes to make context driven decisions.

Speaker 1: Our unique approach harnesses Okta's single sign on and adaptive, multifactor authentication along with VMware's Workspace ONE to assess user and device trust for a fully integrated, powerful authentication workflow. Together, Okta and VMware Workspace ONE enable a Zero Trust access model where the right people have the right access to the right resources. With a delightful end user experience. And for a limited time, we're offering Workspace ONE customers up to 50% off on select Okta IT products. Securely access any app from any device with the power of Okta and VMware. Visit us online to get started today.

Okta and VMware Workspace ONE partner together to enable organizations to implement a Zero Trust model.